Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weaning can be easy

No one ever said that wearing a 12 month old was going to be easy.  I guess it has been to long since I weaned a little one that I have forgotten how painful it is to wean.  Not only for me, the engorgement is enough to make anyone cranky, but also for the young toddler that wants a little comfort food.  Weaning is a stage of life.  I have to tell myself that this too shall pass.  I went on-line and tried to find a little information about how to help make the weaning process a little easier.  Most of the sites said to do it slowly, and they are right.  The slower you wean the easier it is on you and baby.  Well, I did do it slowly.  I went extremely slow,  I dropped a feeding once ever 5 days.  When I got down to two a day (once in the morning and once at night) that is when it got really tricky.  That is when I had problems with engorgement, when I went to nursing once a day.  If I had it to all over again I would keep the two nursing session and just cut how long he nursed each time.

Hint: Some people say cold cabbage leaves helps with engorgement, but I found that my reuseable gel filled breast pad (there are lots of brands to choose from) that Iput in the freezer worked wonders for me, and I did not smell like cabbage.

Not too sure of this white stuff.
Now it is time for Little Man to drink whole milk. We tried giving him formula when he as 11 months old, but he did not want anything to do with formula.  It came out of his mouth as fast as it when into his mouth.  It took him a while before he would drink milk.  He likes drinkable yogurt and that is how we started him on the road to drinking milk.

Give it to me mom, and let me try it
I had to stop giving him juice for a little while.  He has a sweet tooth and he would not drink milk if he knew he could have juice instead.

This milk is pretty good.
Now Little Man loves his whole milk.  He is still a little whiny and wants to nurse, but I have found other ways for me to comfort him.  A good book, a hug, a back rub and a fun silly song.  And if that doesn't work there is always big brother, sister, or Dad!

When it comes to weaning a baby the best thing to do it PRAY!