Monday, May 30, 2011

Fun activities to do with your kids this summer!

Here is a list of Fun and inexpensive activities that you can do around Austin, TX with your kids this summer.

-Kids Bowl Free This summer, your children 16 and under can bowl for free at your local AMF. Just register your children to get weekly coupons via email for two free games per child per day all summer long.
Summer Movie Express:
-Regal's Summer Movie Express 2011. Movie goers of all ages can enjoy a great selection of films. During this 9-week festival, select Regal Cinemas will offer selected G or PG rated movies for only a dollar on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10:00am.

-Cinemark summer Movie Playhouse selected movies are rated either G or PG.  10 movies can be purchased in advance for $5.00, or can be purchased separately at the box office for $1.00 per show. $5 Series punch cards are limited and are now available only at the theatre box office while supplies last.

The Austin Nature & Science Center Located on the western edge of Zilker Park.  They have a Wildlife Exhibits, a Dino Pit and walking trails.  It is open Monday through Saturday,9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.
Kiddie Acers Located at 4800 Howard Lane.  It is a mini-amusement park geared toward younger children. It has free admission; however tickets must be purchases for rides and activities.  Kiddie Acres features carousel rides, a Ferris wheel and pony rides, as well as an 18 hole miniature golf course.

I do not endorse any of these business they are here for informational purposes only.  

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The things we do for love!

Yesterday I went to my Moms group for half a day and I took cupcake for the families.   We had some cupcake left over and were not sure what to do with them.   I decided to take them to my son's school for him to give to his friends during lunch time.  Now you have to know that his school and my house are in the opposite direction and I had an 8 month old that I had to nurse in the car.  I wasn't even sure if he would want them.  Pre-teen can be so fickle!
  When I got to his school I took the cup cake to the cafeteria.  I searched the room until I saw his face.  His eyes lit up as his eye met mine and then this eyes became even brighter as he was the cupcakes I was caring.

 All his friends asked if they could have a cupcake.  He passes out the cupcakes to his friends as they asked if it was his birthday.  He said "no, mom my brought them just because."  I could see a smile creep across his face and behind his eyes I could see him saying to himself "because she loves me."  At that moment I knew that I had made the right decision to travel in the opposite direction of our house and to come and see my son; even if only for 5 minutes ( I am pretty sure I not cool enough to stay longer than 5 minutes).   I think that it really meant a lot to my son for me to bring him cup cakes for no reason other then I love him.

This moment reminds me that I need to make more time to SHOW not just tell each of my children how much I love them!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bits and Pieces of what's going on

Sorry not much to say today I am taking care of one sick kids (MareBear) and tying to keep the healthy one (Little Man) to leave her alone.  She doesn't feel good and is not eating much today.  I am trying to have her sleep as much as possible.

I am also trying to plan my menu for 2 weeks before I go grocery shopping.  I am hoping that this will cut our grocery bill and keep me from buying things that are not needed.  Also Little Man has a time limit that he can stay in the cart and I alway accede it!

If Mare Bear feels better tomorrow and goes to school I will go shopping.  I really need to plan my shopping days so that I am not wasting time.   I want to pick one day a week  that I do my shopping  (twice a month for a big shop and on the off weeks a little shop). It takes me a long time to make a menu and then to write my shopping list too.  Then I have to go and see if I have any coupons that match the products that I want to buy.

Saving money is hard work!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Working out with my Little Man!

I am trying to figure out a workout routine. I have tried the home workout video's but my little man just pulls at my feet.  I tried working out to a video at home for three days now and each day he cries when I am not even half way through it.  So, I picked him up and danced around the room with him.  He had so much fun dancing.  Then I put him in his stroller/trike and we went for a fast pace walk and to look at all the wonderful things that God made.  I sure do love this little man.

To learn more about my journey to lose weight check out my other blog:

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another blog: This ones about losing weight!

So today I decide to start a new blog about me TRYING to lose weight.  

This is not going to be a DIET.  It is going to be a change in my life.  I will have to eat differently, and add exercise to my life as well!

I don't want to be a certian size or number, I just want my clothes to fit and to feel good about myself.  I need to take care of my children's mom, ME!

Check it out:

You can be my first follower!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

Someone forgot to tell my two youngest children that is was mother's day and they woke up at 6:45am.  I snuggled with them in my bed for a while and then my oldest brought me breakfast.  It was Orange Juice and a blueberry muffin, my favorite.  We went to church and afterwards we had some chicken and mash potatoes for lunch.  My Hubbie had to work so we waited tell he was off and went to P.F. Chang restaurants for dinner.  The dinner was delicious.  I had the spring rolls, honey chicken and fried rice.  For desert I had tiramisu in a little shot glass.  YUM!  All three kids were great and is was a great dinner.  I had a wonderful mother's day.

On another note Little Man is now 8 months old.  He is cruising around furniture and can even stand up by himself for about 3 seconds.  When he realizes he is standing by himself he get scared and falls down on him bum.  

Friday, May 6, 2011

Article from my newsletter.

In-Laws or Out-Laws

It has been said that when you marry someone you are not only marring them, but their family too. Nowhere is that more evident that when you add children to the marriage.
There are so many things that a seasoned mother can teach new mothers. So why is the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship a strained one? I know firsthand how hard it can be to get along with your mother-in-law. My mother–in-law is from England she is an only child and was raised to be a proper young lady, while I was the youngest of five children and a tomboy too. Needless to say we clashed at first. It was not until I read the book of Ruth that I realized that a daughter-in-law/mother-in-law relationship did not have to be broken. It taught me that I shouldn’t see my mother-in-law’s mothering advice as questioning my mothering abilities, but that I should cherish it as wisdom and guidance. This is not hard to do if you remember that you two do have something in common; you both love the same man. For your mother-in-law it is her son and for you it is your husband.
Both of you want the best for this man, although most likely you two have different ideas of how to go about doing that. Try to remember that you are both on the same team. Your mother-in-law did such a great job raising her son that you fell madly in love with him, and telling her that can be a starting point for reconciliation.
The first thing I did to help my relationship with my mother-in-law was to ask her for forgiveness for my apart in the fracture of our relationship. Second I had to effetely communicate with her. I asked her if she would not dropping by unexpectedly and in return I wouldn’t call her only when I needed her to watch the kids. Finally I decide not only to pray for our relationship, but to love her just as she is funny quirks and all. Remember some day you will be the Mother-in-law!
by Wendy Buxton

Monday, May 2, 2011

Pampers. For every little miracle.

It's a new blog

I thought about starting a new blog to share some of the stories that I write for my moms play group's newsletter,  but instead I decided to just adjust this blog to accommodated more readers.  So, from now on I will not only be writing about my sleeping adventures with my Little Man, but also including other interesting activities that me and my other two kids are involved in.  From time to time I will also include articles I wrote for the moms' newsletter.  Feel free to let me know what you think about the stories that I post or submit ideas about stories that you would like me to write.  I am excited about this new adventure with you!

I hope you like the new Blog!