Mare Bear

My name is Mare Bear and I was born with Rett Syndrome.  I am in the 8th grade and 13 years old.  I like my horse therapy at the Ride On Center for Kids, but have had to take a break due to seizures.    I am also a Pioneer in American Heritage Girls.  My squad is a fun group of girls and we loved getting together to play and earn badges.   My favorite thing to do is go swimming.   I also love music and dancing to the beat!

We love hearing from other family of children living with Rett syndrome.  We have never met another family that has a daughter with her same mutation.  Marebear's Mutation is P152R.

Our life may be difficult, but we know our daughter is Living with Rett syndrome, and she is a determined little girl.  She suffers from Seizure, and has a feeding tube.  Her foot has dystonia and she had surgery this summer to correct it.  She is in a wheelchair, but is regaining her walking ability slowly. She is sweet, kind and loves life. 

Check out this website to learn more about Rett Syndrome!

If you would like to donate to Marebear strollathon page in  honor of Marebear to help International Rett Syndrome Foundation find a cure for Rett Syndrome Click Here.