Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My first Noonday Collection Trunk show

A few weeks ago a dear friend of mine invited me to a Noonday trunk show.  I could not help but ask myself what is Noonday?

Here is a video of the Noonday story:

In February of 2010 Joe and Jessica Honegger visited Uganda.  While they were there they saw and held many orphan children then decided to adopted a child from Rwanda.  During this visit they also met with long time friends who help people in Uganda create sustainable income opportunities.  They asked Jessica if she would take some of the goods made by the locals to Austin, Texas and sell them to raise money for the costly adoption process.  Jessica agreed and when she returned to Austin she held her first Noonday Collection trunk show.

The idea for the Noonday Collection trunk show is where women can come and style themselves while advocating for women and kids.

In my opinion, Noonday trunk shows are a great way to give back to others what God has so graciously give us, freedom.
Noonday helps women in foreign countries to be able to support themselves and their family.  Can you imagine not being able to give your family the bare necessities of life.  For me it is hard to imagine.  I want to help, but sometime I wonder "what can I do?".  I felt like my friend's Noonday trunk show was an answer to my question.  Here I was able to help other women just like me.  They had a family just like me.  They had hopes and dreams just like me.  What a blessing for me to be able to buy a beautiful handcrafted product while helping a woman in a foreign country provide for their family. 

This is my local Noonday Ambassador, she believes in sharing the Noonday cause.  
My favorite Noonday quote from their website "Our passion at Noonday collection is to connect you with the lives of artisans struggling for a better future while styling you along the way. fashion and design are a vehicle for opportunity and change. you, too, can be a voice for the oppressed!"

To me the passion of Noonday is my passion too.

Here we are showing some so the beautiful Noonday pieces.
I really enjoyed going to my first Noonday trunk show.  It was so nice to see all the handcrafted pieces of jewelry, bowls and handbags to name a few.  There were so many adorable items to choose from. I had a hard time making up my mind as to what I was going to buy.  I finally settled on a bracelet and necklace.

To learn more about Marijoy and why she is a Noonday Ambassador, check out her Noonday page click here.

If you see any thing you like, you can also place orders on her website.

My Noonday order just arrived today and I was so excited.  I tried on both pieces of jewelry. Here is a photo of me wearing both pieces.

The bracelet is a cuff intricately carved with a floral vine pattern by artisans in India. The funky paper bead necklace is made from individually recycled beads in Uganda.

Disclosure: I did NOT receive any free products for this post, I only want to share my love for this worthy cause. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Friday, July 27, 2012

MyTelestration House Party

As a member of House Party I was selected to host a Telestrations game party.

I was so excited to host a Game Night of playing Telestrations.  I love playing board games, and Telestration is my kind of board game.  It is easy to play and doesn't take much time to play.  I also like the fact it has a clear beginning and clear ending to the game (it makes it easy to end the game when you need to).   What I like most about Telestation is the family and friends memories you make while playing the game.  I will never forget some of the drawings I saw or some of the guesses that were made.  This game gave my family and friends a time to come together and really get to know each other better and isn't that what playing party games is all about?

So what is Telestration? 
Telestrations® is the award winning, laugh-out-loud party game that has players simultaneously draw what they see, then guess what they saw to reveal hilarious and unpredictable outcomes. In this fun, modern twist on the classic “telephone game,” there are multiple words being passed around between players, with everyone sketchin’ and guessin’ at the same time! But the real fun and laughter is the big reveal, where players get their own books back and get to share how “this” became “that”!
To see how the game is played click here. 

Try an the game Telestration on line.

Now to my Telestration Party.

One of the most fun activities we do as a family is to  get together and play board games.  It is sometimes hard to find a board game everyone in the family will enjoy playing.  For our family is was a game we all had fun playing.

The Mr.Telestration Fun Mask and Mr. Telestration Bendie collectible was sitting infront of my door ready to greet guest as they arrived to the Party. 

A party is not a party without good food.  Here are some of the recipes I cooked up for my guests!  The food was delicious and it looks as good as it tasted.  

 A Party also needs good decorations.  We had Blue and White Telestrations themed balloons and  Mr. Telestration Bendie collectible for the guests to take home. The balloons say "Telestrations is the #1 Party Game", and I agree. 

The different color notebooks come with the game.  Each guest picks a different colored notebook to draw their creations. 
Once everyone has picked out their notebook it is time for us to play the game.  Here is me showing the guest the game.  I also made sure to go over all the rules.  Telestrations is a visual version of the classic e "telephone"game.  Players draw what they see, then guess what someone else drew, all while they laugh their heads off. 

This is my Oldest drawing his secret word. 

Each players has a card with a word they must draw or as Telestrations say "sketch".  Players have 60 seconds to secretly draw the word.  When the time is up, everyone passed the notebook to their left at the same time.   

Now everyone is on the "Guess It" page.  At the same time we all flip our notebooks to see what the last person drew.  On the "Guess It" page we make out best guess of what we think the person drew.   The drawings we saw were very funny to see.  Some drawings were easy to figure out and some drawings were really hard to figure out .

 Here is what it looks like when we flip over out notebooks to see what someone else drew:

 Here is Dave's drawing.  Can you guess what he drew?  I will give you a hint, it is two words. 

Here are some more guests sketchin' their guess. Since House party sent me two Telestrations game, I gave one away to one of the guest at the party, and Lisa won.  Now she and her family can play Telestrations too. 

 The Big Reveal of all the drawing and guesses: When every one has had their turn to either "Sketchin" or "Guessin" it is time for  The Big Reveal.  Now each player has their original notebook back.  Each player takes turns showing the other player the "Sketchit" and "Guessin" of their notebook.  We were all laughing so hard our stomach hurt. 

If you want to see how The Big Reveal is done, check out this video of my Oldest as he:

Telestrations is a game geared for children ages twelve and up.  As you can see even children younger than twelve years can play the game.  Although for children younger that nine years old will need some accommodations to play, but they will have just as much fun as the adults. 

Sachio is drawing her Mr. Telestration fun Mask using the erasable marker included in the Telestrations game. 
Group Photo of all of us after we played Telestrations. We used dry erase markers to make funny faces on these mask. Thanks Telestrations and house Party for providing them. 

Disclose:  I received free Telestrations products from House Party for hosting a Telestrations party.  I was not asked to blog about it, but wanted to share with you all the fun we had.  Opinions expressed here are my own and are not swayed by receiving free product.   

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What does Bravery, strength, valor and nobility meant to you?

A few day ago, I was asked to look at different silhouette shapes and to pick which shape I think represents a hero and the quality of a hero; bravery, strength, valor and nobility.
Not actual Silhouette 

As I staring at the different silhouette, I could not help but ask myself, "what does the shape of a silhouette have to do with being a hero?  How can a silhouette represent the qualities of bravery, strength, valor and nobility?"  So I decided I am not going to pick one of the choices.  I believed picking one would go against what I feel is true. 

Bravery, strength, valor and nobility are character traits not shape of a person's body.

Bravery is courageous behavior or character.  It has been said by Mark Twain "Courage is not the absence of fear but acting in spite of it".   I agree with this, because, any time I have done something courageous, I have had plenty of fear, but my faith in God has pulled me through.   In my opinion one cannot look brave, one can only act brave.
Strength is the quality or state of being strong (physical or mental). Now I know it is possible to look strong, but to show strength is more than your physical form.  My daughter is living with Rett syndrome, her life is a constant struggle, but she shows tremendous strength in daily activities we take for grant as easy to do.  As many of you know she has been in the hospital every month this year until June, for uncontrollable seizure.

  Valor is great courage in the face of danger.  Valor is a character trait everyone hopes they have, but all to often we seen people in our society failing to exhibit.  However, I know many survivor and I can tell you they have show more valor in the face of their illness then I will ever be able to fathom. 

 Nobility is the quality of being noble in character or mind.  A Noble person is someone who had high moral and ideal, something you cannot see by looking at someone appearance.  A true Noble person is also a humble person, and doesn't even consider themselves Noble.  Noble people often have a standard of beliefs as to what is acceptable and not acceptable to behave and they try to live up to those beliefs.  

I cannot pick a Silhouette to represent the qualities of bravery, strength, valor and nobility.  I have to look at the content of a person character to determine if a person has the qualities of bravery, strength, valor and nobility.  

I want to end with my favorite quote from Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. "I have a dream that my four little children
 will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged
 by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Skechers shoes

 My friends Lisa, my daughter and I love our Skechers. My closet is full of different types of Skechers. 
My daughter has Rett Syndrome and has an unusually gait. Her Physical Medical Specialist said her Skecher shoes giver her ankles the support she needs. Her favorite are her Girls Sporty Skechers. She also like her soft plastic foam Skechers (shown in photo). They are great for wearing at the pool since they are waterproof.
As you can see from the photo,I have many styles of Skechers. I have two Women's sneakers,one Women's graites , and 3 extra stylish women's bikers. I have sketchers for any occasion.  I have a condition called plantar fascistic. I must wear shoes with good support and cushions to cut down of the pain in my feet.   When I last visted my Podiatrist was surprised how well I walk with my Sketcher and said he would recommend them to his patients.

Here is my Caption:
Girls want style and comfort, that's why there is Sketchers!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Let's Be Honest" a Purex Giveaway

Have you heard? Purex has started a new campaign called Let's be Honest. The slogan is "It is time to come clean about life, laundry and whatever. 

On their youtube chanel you can see all the Let's Be Honest Videos.  The videos are about everyday absurdities and how one mom handles them with humor.  There are all so funny, and since they are really short to watch you can watch them when ever you have a few extra minutes.  

My favorite Let's Be Honest Video is...

I like this video because it is so true.  I cannot fit my hips or legs into any skinny jeans and if I tried I am sure I would fall down too.

Click here to check out all the Let's Be Honest Video 

Now for what you have been waiting for....

The giveaway is for three different reader.  Each one of you will recieve a Prize Pack.

    Your Prize Pack will contains 
    Closed winner are Lois J, Laura JJ, Ashley

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Here is how you enter:  
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  • Watch the Let's Be Honest videos and tell me which one is your favorite and why.   Click here to watch the videos.  

Additional entrees: 

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Disclosure: Purex provided a free sample of their Triple Action laundry detergent for me to review. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our Independence day feast

Our Independence day feast was fit for a King and Queen (of BBQ).  It was so delicious.  We had ribs, brisket, veggie  kabobs, corn and garlic bread.  It was enough to make my mouth water.  And yes, it all taste as good as it looks.  Do you know what I liked most about this feast? My hubby did all the cooking (or should I say grilling).  My hubby is the best griller I know, and he is wonderful for blessing our family with this feast!

We did light up some fireworks.  We are in rural area outside a major city so we did not have the firework band.  I was not able to get any photos since Little Man was scared of the noise from the fireworks.  He was so upset he started to cry, so I took him inside while the rest of my family enjoyed them.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful 4th of July.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dry Idea antiperspirant giveaway

HomeI live in Texas and it has been over 100 degrees for the past few day.  I can barely walk from my car to a store without sweating.  Last night when I got home from a class I was taken , I ran up to my hubby to give him a kiss and he kindly asked me to take a shower.

I am not one of these girls that glisten when they workout, I sweat buckets.  Just recently I have noticed my regular deodorant/antiperspirant is not working as effectively.  I have switch forms and even fragrances, but still I saw (or should I say smelled) no difference.

As a member of Purex insider, I jumped at the chance to host a giveaway and review Dry Idea antiperspirant.  I received a sample of Dry Idea Powder Fresh Roll-On .
Dry Idea Advanced Dry

"This formulation puts the “Dry” in Dry Idea®antiperspirants. It contains no water – for a drier application. And it’s time-released for longer-lasting odor protection and fragrance."

Want to know more about how it works Click here.

 I have not used a roll on deodorant/antiperspirant for many years.  I was surprised how dry, Dry Idea antiperspirant kept my skin.  I personalty need a strong antiperspirant, and was not able to receive the completely odor protection I wanted.  However, just because this was my reaction doesn't mean you will have the same. 

On Dry Idea's website it states:

"Different people need different types of antiperspirants or deodorants. These needs can be physiological (heavy vs. light sweaters or ingredient sensitivity). Or they can be product form: (issues with white residue). Even personal preference plays a part in the antiperspirant you choose (how an application feels on your skin). There are several forms of Dry Idea® antiperspirant to match different preferences. But once thing is for sure - all will keep you dry! Check out the line for yourself to see what suits you best."

 I have only tried one type of Dry Idea,  the Powder Fresh Roll-On.  The only way to know if an antiperspirant is going to work for you it to give it a try.

And if you would like to tryDry Idea antiperspirant for FREE, then you have come to the right place.  I am giving away One (1) coupon of Dry Idea antiperspirant to Three (3) different giveaway winner!

Now what you been waiting for...
The giveaway 

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Disclosure:  The giveaway, prize pack and information were provided by DryIdea through Purex Insider.  All information in blue on this blog was taken from dryidea.com.   I received a sample of product to review.  All opinions expressed her are my own and were not swayed by receiving products.  When a winner is chosen I will send out the coupon through US postal mail.  I am not held liable for failure to deliver coupon.