Friday, July 27, 2012

MyTelestration House Party

As a member of House Party I was selected to host a Telestrations game party.

I was so excited to host a Game Night of playing Telestrations.  I love playing board games, and Telestration is my kind of board game.  It is easy to play and doesn't take much time to play.  I also like the fact it has a clear beginning and clear ending to the game (it makes it easy to end the game when you need to).   What I like most about Telestation is the family and friends memories you make while playing the game.  I will never forget some of the drawings I saw or some of the guesses that were made.  This game gave my family and friends a time to come together and really get to know each other better and isn't that what playing party games is all about?

So what is Telestration? 
Telestrations® is the award winning, laugh-out-loud party game that has players simultaneously draw what they see, then guess what they saw to reveal hilarious and unpredictable outcomes. In this fun, modern twist on the classic “telephone game,” there are multiple words being passed around between players, with everyone sketchin’ and guessin’ at the same time! But the real fun and laughter is the big reveal, where players get their own books back and get to share how “this” became “that”!
To see how the game is played click here. 

Try an the game Telestration on line.

Now to my Telestration Party.

One of the most fun activities we do as a family is to  get together and play board games.  It is sometimes hard to find a board game everyone in the family will enjoy playing.  For our family is was a game we all had fun playing.

The Mr.Telestration Fun Mask and Mr. Telestration Bendie collectible was sitting infront of my door ready to greet guest as they arrived to the Party. 

A party is not a party without good food.  Here are some of the recipes I cooked up for my guests!  The food was delicious and it looks as good as it tasted.  

 A Party also needs good decorations.  We had Blue and White Telestrations themed balloons and  Mr. Telestration Bendie collectible for the guests to take home. The balloons say "Telestrations is the #1 Party Game", and I agree. 

The different color notebooks come with the game.  Each guest picks a different colored notebook to draw their creations. 
Once everyone has picked out their notebook it is time for us to play the game.  Here is me showing the guest the game.  I also made sure to go over all the rules.  Telestrations is a visual version of the classic e "telephone"game.  Players draw what they see, then guess what someone else drew, all while they laugh their heads off. 

This is my Oldest drawing his secret word. 

Each players has a card with a word they must draw or as Telestrations say "sketch".  Players have 60 seconds to secretly draw the word.  When the time is up, everyone passed the notebook to their left at the same time.   

Now everyone is on the "Guess It" page.  At the same time we all flip our notebooks to see what the last person drew.  On the "Guess It" page we make out best guess of what we think the person drew.   The drawings we saw were very funny to see.  Some drawings were easy to figure out and some drawings were really hard to figure out .

 Here is what it looks like when we flip over out notebooks to see what someone else drew:

 Here is Dave's drawing.  Can you guess what he drew?  I will give you a hint, it is two words. 

Here are some more guests sketchin' their guess. Since House party sent me two Telestrations game, I gave one away to one of the guest at the party, and Lisa won.  Now she and her family can play Telestrations too. 

 The Big Reveal of all the drawing and guesses: When every one has had their turn to either "Sketchin" or "Guessin" it is time for  The Big Reveal.  Now each player has their original notebook back.  Each player takes turns showing the other player the "Sketchit" and "Guessin" of their notebook.  We were all laughing so hard our stomach hurt. 

If you want to see how The Big Reveal is done, check out this video of my Oldest as he:

Telestrations is a game geared for children ages twelve and up.  As you can see even children younger than twelve years can play the game.  Although for children younger that nine years old will need some accommodations to play, but they will have just as much fun as the adults. 

Sachio is drawing her Mr. Telestration fun Mask using the erasable marker included in the Telestrations game. 
Group Photo of all of us after we played Telestrations. We used dry erase markers to make funny faces on these mask. Thanks Telestrations and house Party for providing them. 

Disclose:  I received free Telestrations products from House Party for hosting a Telestrations party.  I was not asked to blog about it, but wanted to share with you all the fun we had.  Opinions expressed here are my own and are not swayed by receiving free product.