Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What does Bravery, strength, valor and nobility meant to you?

A few day ago, I was asked to look at different silhouette shapes and to pick which shape I think represents a hero and the quality of a hero; bravery, strength, valor and nobility.
Not actual Silhouette 

As I staring at the different silhouette, I could not help but ask myself, "what does the shape of a silhouette have to do with being a hero?  How can a silhouette represent the qualities of bravery, strength, valor and nobility?"  So I decided I am not going to pick one of the choices.  I believed picking one would go against what I feel is true. 

Bravery, strength, valor and nobility are character traits not shape of a person's body.

Bravery is courageous behavior or character.  It has been said by Mark Twain "Courage is not the absence of fear but acting in spite of it".   I agree with this, because, any time I have done something courageous, I have had plenty of fear, but my faith in God has pulled me through.   In my opinion one cannot look brave, one can only act brave.
Strength is the quality or state of being strong (physical or mental). Now I know it is possible to look strong, but to show strength is more than your physical form.  My daughter is living with Rett syndrome, her life is a constant struggle, but she shows tremendous strength in daily activities we take for grant as easy to do.  As many of you know she has been in the hospital every month this year until June, for uncontrollable seizure.

  Valor is great courage in the face of danger.  Valor is a character trait everyone hopes they have, but all to often we seen people in our society failing to exhibit.  However, I know many survivor and I can tell you they have show more valor in the face of their illness then I will ever be able to fathom. 

 Nobility is the quality of being noble in character or mind.  A Noble person is someone who had high moral and ideal, something you cannot see by looking at someone appearance.  A true Noble person is also a humble person, and doesn't even consider themselves Noble.  Noble people often have a standard of beliefs as to what is acceptable and not acceptable to behave and they try to live up to those beliefs.  

I cannot pick a Silhouette to represent the qualities of bravery, strength, valor and nobility.  I have to look at the content of a person character to determine if a person has the qualities of bravery, strength, valor and nobility.  

I want to end with my favorite quote from Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. "I have a dream that my four little children
 will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged
 by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."