Sunday, July 15, 2012

Skechers shoes

 My friends Lisa, my daughter and I love our Skechers. My closet is full of different types of Skechers. 
My daughter has Rett Syndrome and has an unusually gait. Her Physical Medical Specialist said her Skecher shoes giver her ankles the support she needs. Her favorite are her Girls Sporty Skechers. She also like her soft plastic foam Skechers (shown in photo). They are great for wearing at the pool since they are waterproof.
As you can see from the photo,I have many styles of Skechers. I have two Women's sneakers,one Women's graites , and 3 extra stylish women's bikers. I have sketchers for any occasion.  I have a condition called plantar fascistic. I must wear shoes with good support and cushions to cut down of the pain in my feet.   When I last visted my Podiatrist was surprised how well I walk with my Sketcher and said he would recommend them to his patients.

Here is my Caption:
Girls want style and comfort, that's why there is Sketchers!