Thursday, September 15, 2011

Owl Birthday theme: Cakes

It was hard trying to make an owl cake, but with a little creativity I was able to pull it off.  For the head of the owl I baked a cake mix in a 1 quart batter bowl.  For the bottom I baked a cake in the small stoneware bowl that Pampered Chef sells ( it measures 9" across by 4 1/2 high).  To make the brown frosting, I used Wilson's brown  food color mixed with my favorite white icing.   The chest is white frosting that piped using a cake tip.   I placed chocolate chips on top of the white piping.  For the eyes I took a Oreo cookie, covered it with icing and put a chocolate chip cookie upside down.  For the ears, I cut the Oreo cookie in half and frosted over it.  for the beak I took the Oreo cookie and cut it in half and frosted it yellow.  

This is Little Man's own personal cake for him to tear up and eat.  I frosted it with white frosting.   I piped some of the brown icing around the edge.  The center is from a blowers, I cut off the ends of the blower to make it a circle (to see how to make owl blowers see my post,  Owl Birthday Theme: Favors and blowers).
There  is what the two cakes looked like at the party.

This is my husband with Little Man's cake.  He was so excited to blow out his candles, but he needed a little help from dad!

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