Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Owl Birthday Theme: The Party and Game

Owl Birthday Theme: The Party and Game

I just love 1st Birthday parties.  Here is a photo of me and Little Man at his 1st Birthdays Party.  He was so happy, and photogenic.  He had such a great time with his friends.  I cannot believe that he is already one year old now.

The Game
The game we played is like "pin the tail on the donkey", only it was "stick the owl head in the tree".  I took a poster board and glued a tree to it.  To make the tree I took green and brown card stock and cut it out by hand.  To make the flowers I used the Circuit to cut them out of card stock.   
To make the owls I used the Circuit to cut out 2' owls then I added googly eyes using a glue gun and cut out a yellow nose with yellow card stock.  

Here is what the owls look like up close.  

Here is Little Man getting ready to play the game.  It was his turn and he really did place an owl on the game board ( he took some owls off too).  Overall it was a fun game for all ages to play.  The winner was able to pick their favor 1st followed by the next closest and so on.

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