Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Little Man

I am in disbelief that one year ago today I was in the hospital preparing to give birth to a baby boy; wondering what he would look like, and what his temperament would be.  Now, here I am waking him up with a "happy Birthday" song.  So much has happen in one year.  He went from a helpless human that needed me for his every need to an independent toddler.  Now he is walking  (and sometime running) on his own.  He can feed himself using his pincer grasp.  He can tell me what he wants either using a few baby signs that I have taught him or using gestures to communicate.  He can even play with his own toys independently, for a little while.   My Little Man is growing up.
But I think one of the saddest things about him growing up is that I am going to wean him off of nursing.  I have already started the process.  He is not as happy about whole milk as I would have liked.  We are down to only 3 nursing session a day; one in the morning when he wakes up, one as a mid-day snack at around 4pm and one right before he goes to bed.  I try to remember that this is all part of growing up, and it is good for him no to see me as a food source and his only source of comfort.

PS. I am planning his birthday party for today and will post photos of it later.