Monday, September 26, 2011

Meeting Geoffrey Giraffe

Yesterday we decided to stop by our local Toys'r us/ Babies'r us combination store. We went their looking for a new car seat for Little Man. We were surprised to find out they were celebrating Geoffrey Giraffes Birthday.

Me holding Little Man as he shakes Geoffrey's hand.
My Oldest called me on his cell phone (he received a cell phone because he has all "A's" in his classes).  He informed me Geoffrey Giraffe was walking around, and he thought that Little Man would want to see him.  I asked my oldest to meet me in front of the store and this is where he took our photo.

Geoffrey, me and Little Man posing for a picture.
Little Man is not smiling in this photo, but he had big smiles after this photo was taken.  I wish that Mare Bear could have seen Geoffrey Giraffe she would have loved him.  She loves big mascot of any kind.  However she was home with her aid resting.