Monday, October 3, 2011

How to make a Minecraft Creeper cake

So for my oldest son's birthday we asked him what cake he wanted me to try to make.  At first he said a toilet bowl cake (which I might try to do later), but then he changed his mind after playing a video game called Mindcraft.  He decided he wanted me to make him a creeper cake.  What's a creeper, I asked?  He showed me the game and I was excited to see a creeper is not scary and it is made up of squares and rectangle, a beginner cake maker's dream.

First I baked 4 cakes in a square pan and 1 cake in a mini-loaf pan. Four of the mini-loaf cakes were uses as the creeper's legs (it has four legs).  Then I cut the four square cakes to fit and stacked them on the loaf cakes. 
HINT:  I put the cake in the freezer for a few hours to make them easy to frost.  

I used some left over pieces from the square cake to make the head. 
I added chocolate frosting between the layers to help them stick together.  I was a little worried a this point that the layer would be too heavy because the cakes were dense.  

We mixed the frosting to make it green (Creeper are green).
We frosted the head and body.

We added squares of white fondant to the body and for the face we used red fondant.

 This is when we noticed it was starting to lean to the left.  As we were trying to figure out what to do, the head almost came off, so we just went ahead and took the head off.   My Hubbie had the idea of taking the head off and putting it to the side.  That is when my Oldest came up with a great idea of making the creeper look like it died.

 We put red fondant on the head opening to make it look like it was blood.  

This is my oldest cutting the creeper head off!

This is what the Creeper cake looked like when we finished.  I had to put it in the refrigerator because the cake had defrosted and was too soft to frost.   I fixed up the cake the next day, but I forgot to take a photo before the boys devoured it.

Update: I also tried to make a minecraft cake Click Here to see the post.

No cakes were harmed wasted in the making of this cake.  We used the leftover cake to make cake balls.  I will show you how in a later post!