Saturday, October 20, 2012

How NOT to make a minecraft cake

For my Oldest 14th birthday he wanted me to make a minecraft cake. He had this vision of a minecraft world with grass, a house with the owner in front with his trusty ax, and as the man turns around he sees a creeper.  I am not a cake decorator by any means, but I do try to make fun cake for my kids.  I think this idea was way beyond my skill set. I knew I could not let my son down so I told him I would give it a try.

Remember when your mom would say "I want to tell you these things so you will not make the same mistakes I did"? Well that is what I am doing here.  I want to tell you what I did in hopes that your Minecraft cake will turn out better than mine.  In my defense, I did not have enough time and I did not try out some of the techniques ahead of time.   If I had more time and tried some of the techniques before his party I am sure the results would be better.  The good news is the boys at his party did not care and it all tasted the same to them.

Now I have to admit I have not worked with fondant more than 3 times in my life, so I was doomed to fail from the start.  To make the Creeper and Steve I baked a cake and cut out the pieces   Then I took the pieces and froze them.  Once the cake was frozen I rolled out the fondant and covered the cake with it.  I did not realize I barely had enough fondant to cover the cake (look at the creepers feet).  I pierced the cake with dowels so that when I put them on the cake they would stand up.  I added some finishing touches to the creeper by cutting out red squares for his body and face and   I also added eye and a mouth to Steve.  I used frosting to get them to stick to the body, but did not like the way it looked.

 For the minecraft scenery part of the cake I baked a 9x13 cake for the ground, and used a loaf pan for the house. I used the leftover pieces of the loaf cake to make a hill. Then I just frosted the cakes.

As you can see I have a little problem with depth perception.  Because I made the creeper and Steve first I did not think about how big they would look compared to the house or each other.  I think Steve is the main problem here. He should have been much smaller.  Buy the time I realized the flaw in my design, it was to late, I was out of fondant and I did not have time to do it over before the party started.

As you can see my boys did were fine with the cake and they just appropriated the time and energy that when in to making the cake.  All the boys at the party just wanted a delicious piece of cake to eat, and that is what they received!

Maybe I will get the courage to try to make another Minecraft cake, only this time I will plan it out better.

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