Thursday, October 25, 2012


My hubby and I went to our local SLEEP NUMBER® bed store to try out the new innovation: the NEW SLEEP NUMBER® m9 memory foam bed.  It's exclusive LuxFit™ foam is supremely soft, breathable, and gently comforting.  We also able to see for ourselves what is our perfect sleep number, and as with most couples, our sleep numbers are different.  This means the only way we can both have a comfortable night sleep would be with a NEW SLEEP NUMBER® bed.   The sales associate was very informative and not pushy (that is just what I wanted).

What I like about SLEEP NUMBER® beds it that every curve of your body is cradled in cushioned comfort as you adjust your SLEEP NUMBER® settings to your perfect firmness.  This will definitely be on my wish list this year.

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Disclosure:  I received a free CooFit Pillow as a courtesy of Smiley360.  However all opinions expressed her are my own when sharing.