Monday, October 8, 2012

How to have a monster of a party.

As a member of Crowdtap I was asked to spread the word about the new movie Hotel Transylvania.

In Honor of Hotel Transylvania and the main character Mavis who is celebration her 118th birthday I wanted to invite some friends over to help me celebrate.  Because of her dad’s Dracula's strict no-human policy, Mavis isn't allowed off Hotel Translyvania’s property and could not attend our party, but that did not deter us from celebrated her birthday by inviting our friends over for a day of activities, games, and snacks! 

As you know a party is not a party without the food.  So for this Monster party I made all kinds of goodies.  We had monster rice krispies treat shaped like Frankenstein and vampires.  I made homemade bat cookies.  we had chips, dip and fruit.  A birthday party would not be complete with out the cake, so I made a Jack-o-lantern cake. 

I also set out some games for the kids to play.  We had monster bingo and Truth or Scare.

Just like Dracula in the movie Hotel Transylvania I had not problem entertaining these monsters.To keep the party going we had all kinds of games for the kids to play.  We played pin the nose on the pumpkin.  Here is a photo of some of the kids that gave this game a try.  They were all really close to getting the nose on the pumpkin.

 To get all the kids in the spirit of the movie Hotel Transylvania we colored pictures of Mavis and her dad, Dracula.  Each monster picked a coloring page, to color or to take home and color.

Make-A-Monster cupcake:
My kids favorite party of the party was decorating cupcakes to look like monsters. I made some cupcake and frosting.  Then I took all kinds of candy and placed them in a divider tray.  Each kids frosted their own cupcake and came up with their monster creation.  Look at all these scary monster cupcake it is enough to scare you silly. 

 We made monster mask like the ones in the movie Hotel Transylvania.  We had to make ourselves look like Monster so we could sneak into Hotel Transylvania. 

As guest we leaving the party we made goody bags for them to take home with them.  They had pencils  and other little monster items.  I was hoping the kids could use the bags to take their cupcake home with them, but they all eat their cupcakes at the party.

My house was full of monsters and fun just like Hotel Transylvania.  

If you have not had a chance to see the movie Hotel Transylvania, mark you calendar  take the kids and go scare yourself silly. 

Discloser: The idea for the Hotel Transylvnia Party was given to me from Crowdtap.  I receive a email with ideas and printouts for the party, but did not receive any good or monetary compensation for having the party.