Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thoughts about my three kids

It is amazing how different each of my children temperament are.

 My Oldest is what most people would call a brainiac.  He gets good grades without even trying.  He love being outdoors and had a great time with his local boy scout troop.  During the school year he and his dad go camping with his Boy Scout Troop once a month.  He also enjoys playing video game, but not so much that he is glued to the TV all the time.    Ever since he was little he had been caution about dangerous things.  He has just recently over come some of this fears of learn how to swim and going on fast roller coasters.

Our Mare Bear is our only daughter.  She is beautiful and kind.  She cannot speak, but says it all with her eyes.  She is easy going and goes with the flow of things.  She is a people watcher and love to look at people and watch what they do.  She knows people hearts by watching them and if she know they have a good heart, then she easily warms up to them.   She enjoys going to the pool and swimming around in her swim belt.  She also like to ride horses at the R.O.C.K.  She loves spending time with and rocking on the big recliner with her two brothers.

Our Little Man reminds me of our Oldest, but only in looks.  They look so much alike, that I could get their baby photos mixed up.  He is so adventurous and is always checking things out to see how they work.  He is a picky eater, but he will try anything when it come to danger.  He likes to be independent, but he always makes sure that I am not too far away.  He loves for me to hold him, but only for a few seconds then he wants back down.  He love to imitate what his brother and sister do.  It is so cute to watch.  I took the photo on the right when my Oldest was reading a book and Little Man climbed up beside him with his book, and started reading.  How cute are they?