Friday, October 14, 2011

cute and stylish air freshener

Smell is one of the five scenes that people associate with a memory. I love to come home and smell fresh baked bread or pie. As It get closer and closer to Thanksgiving I start to think about pumpkin pie and cranberries. As a mother of 3 very active kids, I cannot always have a homemade pie in the oven baking, but with Renuzit Fresh Accents brand, I can have the fresh smell of cranberries all year long.

I want an air freshener that was stylish. I wanted to be able to use it as decor; I do not want to have to hide it somewhere where no one would see it. I also wanted one that has a cute design that I liked. More than anything I wanted an air freshener that would last about a month. I did not want to have to go to the store every week to replace the scent. Having a young toddler at home I also did not want an air freshener that I had to plug in or one that used batteries.

So now that I know what I want, I had to find an air freshener with those features. I decideed on Renuzit Fresh Accents brand.

First I opened the sent of "Winter Berry" and smelled a powerful, warm and comforting aroma of winter berry fill the air. The smell of winter berry fell on me like a cozy blanket. I placed the winter berry air freshener in the living room next to our dog in hopes that it would banish odors and leave behind a clean fresh scent of cranberries.  With in minutes winter berry scent filled the air and the smell of dog was gone.   

It worked just as well in the bathroom.

The snowflake design is on the other side of the holder .

The second scent I tried was festive snow. The scent of festive snow transform me from my livingroom to the Sierra Nevada mountains. The festive snow scent has a strong pine scent, combine with the scent of fresh mountain air.  If you like pine scence that you will most likely like the scent of festive snow.

Whatever room I put my Renuzit Fresh Accents air freshener in all other orders are gone and only the clean fresh scents remain.

Disclaimer: Renuzit brand provided free samples of Fresh Accents air freshener for this post. My participation is voluntary and my opinions, as always, are my own.