Sunday, March 20, 2011

It begins

So this is what I did tonight.  At about 8:30 I fed Little man (barley and sweet potatoes)  then I nursed him twice but only for a little while each time until 10pm.  I knew that he was getting tired and cranky, but I kept him up until 10pm.  I nursed him in the chair in the living room (that when I remember that I was going to try the new sleep method).  So I took him in his room, turned the light on and changed his diaper.  I turned off the light and left the light to the closet on while I read him a book "where's the cat".  After we read the book  I told him it was night time.  I held him in my arms as I turned off the closet light, then we laid on the twin bed in his room and I nursed him.  He pulled off a couple of time and started to make sucking sounds.  I laid him in his crib and walked out and shut the door.  When I looked at the clock is was 10:45pm.  I have not heard a sound from him since, so he must be asleep. BUT FOR  HOW LONG?  I will let you know tomorrow!