Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I can get him to sleep. It's keeping him asleep that the problem!

 Last night I put Little  Man to bed at 10pm.  This time I nursed him first, then changed him and read him a book.  I made sure that this time I put him to bed awake.  Again to my surpise he went right to sleep with no crying. 
But at 12am he woke up crying and I went into his room to nurse him.  I kept my phone with me so I could tell what times Little Man woke up.  He woke up every 2 hours (at 1:50pm 3:40pm and 5:30).  At one of those feeding he really did not nurse ever long (I think I was used as a pacifer). 
I am happy that he is able to go to sleep on his own at night, but I just wish that I could figure out how to keep him asleep ALL NIGHT!

{We have been praying for this for 4weeks now}