Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Postive Story of a stranger,we will never forget

 I almost thought the idea of "goodwill towards men (and women)" was as old as the song with the same lyrics. That was until a few days ago...

My in-laws were visiting from Nevada and we all decided to take a drive to Houston to see friends they had not seen in over 30 years. My mother-in-law was sick with a cold and we almost thought we should not go.  She really wanted to see her friends and use her Christmas Present (tickets to see the King Tut exhibit). We were supposed to leave around 10am on Saturday, but when my hubby noticed the tires on our car were balding, we had to push back our departure time. He did not want to go on a long trip and have something happen to the tires, so he took the car to get four new tires.

When he arrived home we all loaded into the car. It was the five of us and my husband's parents, thats a total of 7 people in a Chevy Tahoe. It was tight, but we all managed.

About an hour and a half into our journey I notice the car was jerking a little. It was like the car was in cruise control and was going up and down a steep hill. I ask him if the car was in cruise control and he said "no", but the look on his face told me he knew something was wrong with the car. Before we knew it, the car rolled to a stop.  We did not even have a chance to get off the major highway.  We were stuck about 5 miles outside of town.

It was a stressful time to say the least. My hubby did not know what was wrong with the car and all the added question from us only made things worse. I knew the best thing to do was to stay clam and let him figure out a solution. He called AAA for a tow, but since their was 7 people in the car, he had to call a rental car too.

It took 30 minutes for the tow truck to find us. The rental company took longer. The rental company was under staffed and one of their employee was on her lunch. It was going to take them over an hour to get us.

I was so stress out. How am I going to manage my daughter with special needs, a very active toddler, and a teenager by the side of a major highway. I said a little pray "God, this is more than I can handle, please help." Those words were all that I could get out of my mouth without going into full cry mode.

We all decided the best course of action was to have my hubbie's parents go with the tow truck and we would all stay and wait for the rental car to arrive.

As we were waving goodbye to the tow truck, we notice a car coming to a stop in front of us. The women in the car rolled down her window and asked us if we needed a ride somewhere. My hubby and I look at each other dumb founded. Our look said to each other " What do we do? Do we take the ride?" My Hubby was the first person to speak. He said to  her, "yes, we could use a ride to the rental car center" (it was only 5 miles away). She said she would be glad to take us. We asked over and over again if she was sure  it was not to much trouble to take us.  She assured us that is was no problem, and she just felt she should do this.  We told her over and over again how much we appreciated her stopping to help us.

I loaded the kids in her car as my Hubby put our belonging in her trunk. When we were all in the car, we showered her with gratitude followed by some small talk where we found out that her son and my hubby work for the same company. My hubby even knows her son's boss. What a small world.

As we pulled up to the rental car company, I did not know what to say, so we simply said "Thank you".

Thank you was too little of a word for what she did for our family. I knew right here that she was a blessing send to us from God. She was the face of Jesus, a glimpse of heaven and God's glory. She, a stranger, put our needs above her own needs. Simply put, she was an answer prayer.

You see God cares for us, he cares just as much for the little things in our lives as he does about the big things in our lives. He is willing and wants to help us all we need to do is ask.  I am blessed, becaused I asked for God's help.

Matthew 7:7-8
7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

If you have any question about what all this means or how to ask Jesus as your Lord and Savior please visit this link.  How to become a Christian.