Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Oldest won 2nd place at his middle school science fair

As a mom of 3 children I sometime cannot help myself, but to gloat about my children's accomplishments.   If you are a mother I am sure you understand what I mean.  

My Oldest is now a teenager and most of the time I cannot include his accomplishments because I embarrass him to his core.  But isn't that was parents are for?  So here I go...

I am so proud of my oldest son, he won 2nd place at his middle school Science Fair.  He entered an engineering project on arches.    

His Problem was:  Does the length of an arch make a difference as to how much weight it can hold?

Here is his Hypothesis: "Based on my research I think that the 3” arch will support more weight than the 6” arch."

I am not sure if he qualified for regional, but I am sure by now you know if he does I will blog about it and let you all know.