Sunday, December 11, 2011

The big Christmas Tree at Zilker Park

A few nights ago we went to see the big Christmas tree at Zilker park.  It is so big and this picture does not do it Justice.  It stands at 155 feet tall and has a total of 3, 309 lights.  If you live near or around Austin, Texas you should go and see it.  It is not a real Christmas tree, just lights that are strung up to look like a Christmas tree.  At the base of the tree are a few business selling mostly food and light up novelties(except HEB wasn't selling anything.  They were giving away oranges, candy canes and paper reindeer antlers).   It was too warm to sip hot coco, so we shared a coke and some delicious gorditas (we bought there).

A cross the street from the tree was Santa's workshop and Santa was sitting in his chair taking photos with kids.  We did not take any photos with Santa, but walked by him and waved.   

 This is the view of the Christmas tree from the parking lot.

Here is the view of the Christmas Tree from inside, looking up at the star.

This is Little Man and I in the middle of the tree. 

 Being at the Zilker Christmas tree brought back fond memories.  My dad would bring me and my siblings to see the Zilker Christmas tree when I was a little girl.  It was just as much fun now, as it was when I was little.  I just wish that my dad was still here to see my kids enjoying the Zilker Christmas tree.

For more information on the Zilker Christmas tree Click Here