Saturday, December 31, 2011

Friends, Family and fireworks: New Year 2012

So today is the last day of 2011.  Today is New Years Eve.  We do not do anything daring, or go out together with the crowds.  We are more homebodies.  We like to stay home with our kids and ring in the New Year with our whole family. Eating goodies and drinking Martinellis' Sparkling Cider. 

This year was extra special because not only was our whole family together, but my hubby's parents were here with us too.

We have never lit fireworks before, but since we live outside the city limits, it is legal for us to set off fire works.

Here is dad showing our Oldest (the Boy Scout) how to safely set off fireworks.

Mare Bear loved all the colors, lights and sounds.  She giggled uncontroable.  She was so excited she almost jumped out of her stroller.

My Oldest was showing Marebear the sparkler.  They changed colors and she like watching all the colors.

As for my Little Man he like the colors, but did not like the loud popping noises.  It really scared him.  Our Dog, Shasta, was just as scared.  She jumped behind me on the bench, panting.  Both of them were shaking, so I took them inside.  I held both of them until they calmed down.

What were you doing when the new year rang?