Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our Christmas Tree: Real vs. Fake

Oh Christmas, how pretty are your branches...

When I was little, we had a real live Christmas tree every year.  My husband grew up with a fake Christmas tree.  Our first Christmas together as a married couple, we had a real live Christmas tree. For My Oldest's first Christmas we had a real live Christmas tree.  For Mare Bear's first Christmas we had a real live Christmas tree.

After the birth of my first two children, my husband had been discussing whether we should have a fake or real Christmas tree. Real Christmas trees can be costly and one year our tree died before Christmas day and we had to go out and buy another one a few days before Christmas.  In January when the Christmas trees were on clearance, my husband talked me into buying a fake Christmas tree.  We both were going to compromise and have a fake tree every other year and a real tree every other year.  That was over five years ago and we have not had a real Christmas tree yet.   

Now it is Little Man 2nd Christmas and he has never seen a real live Christmas tree in our house. Will Little Man ever be able to touch the prickly branches and smell the sweet pine of a real Christmas tree?

Little Man helping us put the tree together.

the lights work

Family Moment: We are all working together to put the colored lights on the tree.

Mare Bear is in awe the bright lights.

My oldest and dad are putting on the ornaments.

Finishing Touches:  The train going around the tree
I just hope Little Man does not think that all trees come in a box and you put them together.  What do you think of the Fake vs. Real Christmas Tree debate.  Should I go out this year and buy a small Real Christmas tree?  Leave me a comment let me know what you think.