Sunday, January 8, 2012

Purex Triple Action Laundry Detergent: Review

As a wife and mom of three kids, laundry can be an all consuming task.  I feel like we are always doing laundry.  I sometimes feel like the piles and piles of laundry never end.   I have tried many different brand of laundry detergent, but only one fits our family and budget, Purex.  Purex is affordable; nearly half the price of other leading brands. Purex is a great product at a great value and switching to Purex as really lighten the load of our budget (no pun intended).

I switched to Purex laundry detergent almost a year ago, and could not be happier. As a purex insider, I receive a bottle of Purex Triple Action to try.   As a avid Purex brand user, it was no suprise that Purex Triple Action leaves my clothes white, bright and clean. 

The new and improved Triple Action formula delivers even better on Purex’s promise to leave your clothes bright, white, and clean.   With my two youngest spilling; either on me or on themselves, it can be hard to find a laundry detergent that will get rid of all different stains. The new Purex Triple Action leverages the best parts of there current formula, combined with new additions, to deliver great cleaning plus improved brightening power.  My white clothes are whiter, my colored clothes are more vibrant, and I don't have stains left on my clothes.

Just like all of Purex’s current detergents their new Triple Action has been formulated to work in both traditional and High Efficiency (HE) washers. Purex will work with both top and side loading washer machines.

Since my family has sentive skin we chose Pure Triple Action Free and Clear.  Purex free and clear has a fresh clean scent without the heavy perfume smell because it contains no perfumes or dyes.  It is ideal for people with sentitive skin.  I like Purex free and clear l because it leaves my laundry smelling fresh and clean. 

 I hightly reconment making the switch to Purex laundry detergent.  I know my family and I are glad we made the switch.

Disclosure: Purex provided a free sample of their Triple Action laundry detergent for me to review. However, all opinions expressed are my own.