Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Girl Scout cookie sells begin

 As a Girl Scout Leader for my daughter, Mare Bear's Brownie troop I am in charge of getting all the information and cookies to my girl scout troop.  My office is stacked with Girl Scout cookies.  I will be handing them to the girls in my troop tonight at our Girl Scout Troop meeting.  Then it is all up to the girls to sell them.

  I wanted to remind you Girl Scout Cookie sells start January 18, 2012.  Please support your local Girl Scout Troop by purchasing a box.

Ask the Girl Scout you buy cookies from, what they are going to do with the money they make selling cookies.  They are sure to tell you they are using the money for camping, Girl Scout camp, crafts, badges, and much more.  Selling Girl Scout cookies is how troops raise money to fund all the awesome adventures Girl Scout go on.

As for our Troop we are using the money we make from selling cookies to go on a camping trip.  The girls are so excited and the brownies have never gone camping as a troop before.  

To any Girl Scout out there, happy selling.
To anyone else, happy buying, and thank you for supporting Girl Scouts.