Saturday, January 21, 2012

God Gave Us Two; Book Review

God Gave Us Two is a book in a series of books by Lisa Tawn Bergren.  The First book is God Gave Us You (click here for my review).

God Gave Us Two - Lisa Tawn BergrenGod Gave Us Two is a delightful fictional children's book. The art work by Laura J. Bryant is beautifully illustrated. The story starts out with a Little Cub, a polar bear, not wanting to wake up, so she tells Mama to take the new baby to church. Mama reminds Little Cub the new baby is still inside her tummy. Little Cub also ask Mama Why they need a new baby? Mama has a quick response, she reminds Little Cub " they don't need a new baby, they want a new baby like they wanted her".

Throughout the story Mama reminds Little Cub "God gave us you.  Now he's given us two."  Mama and Papa tell Little Cub how much fun she will have being a big sister.  They also talk about whether  Little Cub will have a little sister or a little brother (they don't know the gender of the baby).  Little Cub tries to sit on her Mama's lap, but Mama's lap is getting smaller and smaller.  Finally, Little Cub goes to her grandparents house to wait for new of the new baby.  Little Cub and her grandparents go fishing and bake cookies as they wait to find out if the baby is a boy or girl.

 I don't want to spoil the ending so you will have to read the book to find out if Little Cub will have a baby brother or sister.

God Gave Us Two come in hardcover, but I wold have like it in a board book (my little ones rip pages sometimes).  I would recommend reading the ending to the book before you buy it.  

I really enjoyed reading God Gave Us Two to my two youngest children. However, it is too long for Little Man to sit while I read the whole story.   Mare Bear is older, so she can sit while I read it to her.  This book is great to read to a child that is becoming a big brother or sister.   I wish I would have had this book when I was pregnant with Little Man, I could have read it to Mare Bear.  This book reminds older siblings that each child is "wanted" and a gift from God.

I like reading God Gave Us Two to my children and reminding them how much I wanted each of them. My favorite parts of the book is when Papa tells Little Cub, we all have the same maker (God), but each one of us is different.  Each one of my children are different, and we celebrate those differences.  This book's positive message of how God chooses each child for each family, and a story I think every child should hear.

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Water Brook Press as a member of their Blogging for Books program. All opinions are my own.