Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Cake / cupcake

 Does this look like a nice turkey dinner?

Well than I fooled you.  This is NOT a Turkey dinner, it a cake.  Yes, I said a cake.  So how can you make a cake look like a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner?  Read on to find out.

First bake a cake.  I used a small 8" round baker to bake a cake.  As soon as it cooled I turned it out onto a paper plate (you can use a more decorative plate if you desire).  I took some white frosting (make sure you set aside some white frosting for the "mash potatoes") and I added yellow food coloring to make it yellow frosting.  I frosted the cake with yellow frosting.

To make the "green peas"  I used green fondant and rolled in  my hands to make a ball.  I did this over and over again until I had enough green balls added to the cake to make it look like peas.

To make the cranberries I did the same with red fondant (you could use red hot candies, but I did not have any).  To make the "cranberries" look more realistic I added red food coloring gel (this gave the "cranberries" a glazed look).

I took the left over white frosting and added it to the top of the cake to make it look like "mash potatoes".  Then to make the "mash potatoes" look more realistic I added yellow food coloring gel so it would look like butter running down "mash potatoes".

The turkey was a little bit tricky.  I had white fondant, but not brown and I did have brown food coloring. So I added the brown food coloring to the white fondant.  I had to roll it over and over to get the brown and white to mix together.  I used a serrated bread knife to cut it to look like two pieces of "turkey".  I rolled the two pieces again to get a more uniform look.

Then I added them to the cake, but it did not look right.  So I had to make gravy for the "turkey".  For the "gravy"  I used sugar babies candy and melted it in the microwave.  I poured the melted sugar babies over the "turkey pieces".

Again here is the finished product.  And, Yes, it did taste as good as it looks!

Mini-Turkey Dinner Cookie:

I tried to make a smaller version, but did not like it.  It is done on top of a cookie and then placed on a cupcake.  I took the idea from Disney's Family Fun website.  Check out their website for detailed instructions. The one on the website looks so much better than mine, I needed a better cookie.  I did not want to go to the store to buy the Peek Freans Arrowroot biscuits the recipe called for, but you can try it.    The Disney's family fun's Mini-Turkey Dinner cupcake looks so cute!