Saturday, November 5, 2011

Easy Kids Christmas Craft

As a girl scout leader for a local browine troop, I am always looking for fun, simple and adorable craft projects that I can do with my brownies girl scouts.  Here is one of the projects we did.

Items you will need:

  • Stamp'n up Big show machine
  • Stamp'n up Sizzix "Blossom Party" die cut
  • Empty cola can
  • Votive candle 
  • Plain green card stock
  • Christmas card stock
First you will need to take your green card stock and cut it out in the shape of a flower petals.  My flower is 3 inches, but  you can make you bigger.  Cut the Christmas card stock  into a 1" strips or a little wider than your votive candle.  You will want to make sure that your strip of card stock are long enough to fit around that candle and leave a little from for a small overlap.  I used tape to secure the Christmas card stock to the candle.    

Now take your cleaned empty cola can and cut it so that it can lay flat.  Using you Big Shot machine, place the aluminium strip (cola can) between the plexiglass and the Stampn' up Sizzix Blossom Party.  Roll it through the machine (I let my Brownies try this step and they had fun.  They loved seeing the pretty flower cut out come out of a used aluminium can).  The Blossom Party" die cut will cut out a flower shape in the aluminium.

Using tape or (stampn' up) dimensional stick the aluminium flower to the green flower.  Place one or two dimensional on the bottom of the votive candle and press it firmly to the aluminium flower.

There you have it a beautiful easy Christmas craft that kids can make.