Saturday, November 5, 2011

How to make a Easy Princess Cake.

How to make a Princess Cake

I was going to make a cake for a cake walk.  You know just an ordinary cake, when I thought I would make it fun and make a princess cake.  I knew my daughter would love it, but could I really do it?  

First we mixed all the ingredients of  a box cake together in a bowl.  Then we greased the inside of a 1 quart glass batter bowl. Make sure that you grease the sides very well so that it does not stick.   We poured the cake batter in the 1 quart batter bowl.  We baked the cake for at least 40 minuets at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  Keep an eye on the cake and test it by inserting a toothpick into the cake, when a toothpick come out clean with no batter on it the cake is done.  Let the cake cool completely to insure that the cake will turn out clean and not fall apart when you turn it out onto a frosting surface.  If you want you can even put it in the freezer for a hour to get it cold enough so that the frosting will not stick to the cake. 

To frost the cake, take your favorite frosting (I used store bought frosting to make it easy) and mix food coloring to match the color of the doll. (I used a mini-doll that came in one of the McDonald's happy meals.) Since the dolls dress was blue I mixed some blue food coloring with some white frosting to get the color you see here.  I use a spreader to spread the cake with blue frosting.  I adding a little sparkle by sprinkling the cake with while sugar crystals.        
When you are done frosting the cake make a small whole in the top of the cake so that you can stick the legs inside the cake to make it look like a dress.  Make sure that you save a little frosting to put on the area  where the doll meets the cake.  Frosting this area will help make a smooth transition from the doll to the frosted cake. 

Now you are done.  Your daughter will love this cake and feel so special that you made it just for her.   Sorry I did not get any photos of my daughter with the cake, I thought if I got it close to her she would want to put her hands all over it and eat it!

If you want to make a bigger cake you can also use a 2 quart glass batter bowl and use a bigger doll. Just know that the cake will be more dense.

Happy Baking