Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to make a toilet cake

Gross Alert:

My Oldest and I were talking about making a fun cake.  We had so much fun making the creeper cake for his birthday, and I wanted to make a cake with him for no reason other than to spend time with him.  So, what cake does he decide he wants to make...  a toilet cake.  Yes, you read it right.  He wanted to make a toilet cake with me.  Instead of say "no way, that's gross," I decided to do it with him and have fun in the process.

 First we baked two cakes.  One cake we baked in 4 mini-loaf pans, and one we baked in a round stoneware bowl.  After we baked the cakes and let them cool,  we placed three mini-loaf cakes on top of each other to create the tank of the "toilet".  For the bowl we placed the round cake up next to the "tank".  I then placed three dowels into the cake for stability: two in the tank and one from the bowl to the tank.

TIP: Place your cake in the freezer for two hours so the frosting won't stick to the cake.

 We frosted the cake with white frosting all the way around. I ran out of frosting, and that is why the cake is not fully covered as I would like it to be.

Little Man helped, me frost some of the cake, but mostly he ate the frosting.

 We had some blue fondant, so I rolled it out to a circle, and placed it on the cake.  Most people have blue toilet bowl water, right?

 To make the cake look more authentic I took a piece of werther original hard candy and turned the wrapper inside out and cut off the ends.

I just want you to know the brownie in the middle of the cake was not my idea, but when you have two boys, what else are you going to do.  You know what they say, "if you can't beat them, join them."