Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hosting a Pull Ups House Party

I was chosen to host a Pulls Ups Dance Party by House Party on February 11th.
Pull-Ups® Potty Dance House Party Feb. 11

If you want more information on House Party click here.

First, we invited the guest.  I talked to all my friends that were either in the trenches of potty training or about to begin the adventure.  We asked our friends if they would join us on our quest to see if their child was ready lean about potty training.
When we knew how many guest to expect we made a list and went shopping.  We want to make sure all the little one tummy are full, and they can listen to the "Potty Training success" dvd.

Before the guest arrived we made cookies in the shape of houses (since this is a house party.  What were you expecting diapers?  Yuck, no one wants to eat that. lol)  I frosted the cookies for a tasty treat after they tried using the potty.

 I also made sandwiches in the shape of a house.  The kids liked them, they looked cute and tasted great.  We had plenty of juice boxes to help the potty training process.

Let the Party Begin
 As the guest arrived we gave each of them a "Let's do the potty dance" mat and an inflatable guitar.  We played some of the songs on the "Potty Training success" dvd.   Here are some photos of the kids rocking out with their guitars.  They had so much fun.

When all the guest had arrived we watched the "Potty Training success" DVD.  We all tried to do the Potty Dance.  We also played the Wet or Dry game.  Then the little one all played together while the moms watched a segment on the signs of readiness. 

Here are some of the kids best moves:

 Here is Little Man and Mare Bear trying their moves during the the Potty Dance video.  I learned so much watching the "Potty Training success" DVD.  I am so excited to start the potty training with Little Man.  From what the video said he is not yet showing the signs of readiness, but I know he will be soon and I will have all the tools I need to help him succeed in his potty training journey.

When the party was over we handed each kid their goody bag to take home.

The goody bags were full with :  
1 Pull-ups potty dance sticker sheet 
1 Pull-ups potty dance Training success DVD
1 Pull-ups potty dance Progress Charts
2 Pull-ups potty dance Door hanger
1 Pull-ups potty dance Inflatable guitar
1 Pull-ups potty dance Information card with point code
1 Walmart and Pull-ups potty dance coupon book

My guest were so happy to receive all the free potty training aids from House party.  A big thank you to House Party and Pull Ups for helping make my party a success.   

UPDATE: after the party I thought of the idea of making a toilet cake.  Click Here to see how to make a toilet cake. 

Disclosure:  I received all the products from Pull Ups through House Party.  All opinions expressed here are my own.