Monday, June 4, 2012

Our Summer Fun Madagascar 3 Circus Circle’s Most Wanted Party

The school year has ended and it is Summer time. Are you ready to "move it, move it" this summer.   In an effort to keep my kids moving we had a Madagascar 3 Circus Circle's Most Wanted Party.  What a great way to kick off summer.   

We have watched the first 2 Madagascar movie and cannot wait to see the new one when it come to Theaters.

We invited everyone we knew to our Madagascar 3, Circus theme.  The party was a hit, because I planned some awesome carnival type games for the kids.  We made Gloria, Marty and Alex mask.  We played Pin the Tail on Gloria.  We had a fishing game too.  We had snacks and for the first time I made a zebra cake.   I also handed out goody bags for all who attended.

A party isn't a party without good food.  Since this was a kids party, I made sure I had kid friendly snacks.  

The food

 We had many snack to choose from, we had popcorn, snow cones, fresh fruit, chips, applesauce squeezeable and animal crackers.

Yes, you heard me right we made snow cones for all the kids.  They loved them, but I did make them go outside to eat them.  

Here is an up close look at some of the snack.  I even bought some cracker with the Madagascar 3 logo on them.  It's the little touches that add to the overall experience.

The Cake

For desert I made a zebra cake.  It looks really cool when you slice it.  I though it look plan so I frosted it and placed "Gloria, Marty and Alex" on top.

The games
Let the games begin..

Here is what the games looked like all set up. 

This is the fishing game I made.  I cut out the photos of  Gloria, Marty, Alex, and Melman.  It looks like they are underwater just poking their heads out.  This is a fun game for all ages.

Here is another game I made using a photo of the new Madagascar 3 movie. Then I cut out the mouths to make holes the kids could throw the pall through.

Of course you cannot have a carnival without a game of bowling.

I printed out this photo of Gloria and taped it to a Poster board covered in blue paper.  Then I added fish stickers.  We used this to play Pin the Tail on Gloria.  The kids had fun playing the game and seeing how close they could come to putting the tail in the correct place.

I printed out some Gloria, Marty and Alex mask and allowed the kids to color them.  This is Mare Bear wearing the Marty mask she made with the help of her aid. 

Here are some of the kids playing some games.

If your kids are sitting around the house watching TV or playing video games, it's time you made them "Move it, Move it".  Plan a fun party for them for no special reason. Get the kids involved in planning the theme, games and snacks.  It doesn't have to cost a lot of money to have a great party.

You can check out the new Madagascar 3  Europe's Most Wanted movie in the theaters now.

Discloser: The idea for the Madagascar 3 Circus Circle’s Most Wanted Party was given to me from Crowdtap.  I receive a email with ideas and printouts for the party, but did not receive any good or monetary compensation for having the party.