Saturday, June 16, 2012

Old Navy Style Council: Beach Babe Pre Party

As I am preparing for my Old Navy Beach Babe Party, I cannot seem to stop looking at all the cute accessories at Old  I thought it would be fun to do a little "window" shopping on line to prepare me for the Old Navy Beach Babe event.  Check out some of the styles I will be sporting this Summer.

For flip flops these stylish black ones can be dressed up or down for a cute all day look. and since I am 5'2" I can use a little lift too. LOL  Click here for my favorite flip flop.  Or if you would like to add a little color to your wardrobe, these tangerine flip flops are the way to go.

When you are in the sun, you must protect your eyes from all those UV rays with some sunglasses, but you still need to be styling too.  Check out these sunglasses with rhinestones for added bling.
Click here for my favorite Sunglasses

After you go swimming you need a towel to dry off, but not just any towel, a towel that will complement your unique style.  How about Old Navy Women's Printed Beach Towels it say "Love in the sun" and you know you do love the sun.  Click here for my favorite beach towel

Going to the pool or beach isn't complete with out a bag to carry it all in, but style is just as important as functionality.  With this Old Navy Women's Striped Straw Totes you will accomplish both.
Click her for my favorite beach towel

By the way, don't forget to keep yourself hydrated with this stylish water bottle. Click here for my favorite water bottle

Accessories add to your unique style so go ahead and head over to Old Navy and pick out accessories to complement you.

To check out my Old Navy Beach Babe Party Click Here

Disclaimer: I was chosen by Crowdtap to be a member of their Old Navy Style Council.  As a member I was chosen to host an Old Navy Beach Babe party at an Old Navy store, where I and my guests will receive free products.