Saturday, June 23, 2012

ARM & HAMMER® Plus OxiClean® Crystal Burst Detergent

ARM & HAMMER® Plus OxiClean® Crystal Burst Detergent

ARM & HAMMER® Plus OxiClean® Crystal Burst Power Paks combine the power of OxiClean® Stain Fighters and ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda in a new crystal form. This formula contains many active stain fighting ingredients that tackle a variety of stains, including dirt, grass, blood and oil. Each ARM & HAMMER® Plus OxiClean® Crystal Burst Power Pak is 99% active and provides 4-in-1 performance:

  • Unique, Deep Cleaning Micro-Crystals
  • Removes Tough Stains
  • Brightens and Whitens
  • No Measuring Required

Just toss one in the washer and the single use pak dissolves quickly and goes to work within seconds, gently bubbling to provide deep cleaning and stain fighting power to leave your laundry with a great fresh scent. No more mess. No spills. No more heavy, bulky bottles. It’s better in every way.

My grandma has trusted Arm and Hammer for as long as I can remember.  Arm and Hammer has been a company you can really trust.  With three kids I see many different kinds of stains, but none of them have been to much for Arm and Hammer Plus OxiClean.     I really enjoy throwing this little pods into my washer.  It is so easy I let my little man help me with laundry.  No more spill or messes liquid.  Try it for yourself.  

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Thanks ARM and HAMMER® for my FREE detergent! 

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Disclosure: I received a free sample of Arm and Hammer Plus OxiClean Crystals Burst Detergent courtesy of Smiley360.  All information was taken from