Monday, April 23, 2012

My Silk® Marvelous Mornings House Party

Today was my  Silk® Marvelous Mornings House Party .

I decided to make some recipes using soy milk so my guess could taste the difference.  Silk soy milk can be used just like milk in almost any recipe.  I used Silk Vanilla to bake my recipes.  I went to the company website and looked up a few of their recipes, and I decided to tried some of my own recipes too.  The two recipes I chose from the Silk website are chocolate chip cookies  and Glorious Morning muffins.    I wanted to try a tried and true recipe I have loved for years, so I made my favorite chocolate cake using Silk vanilla.

When all the baking was done, I set up my kitchen table will all the yummy food and all the goody I received from House Party courteous of Silk brand.

I used the cups to spell out S-i-l-k. 

 The sample cups are ready to be filled with Silk Fruit and Protein

 The table is set up and ready for the guest to arrive.   My hubby said the  chocolate chip cookies  were the best he had ever tasted.  He is a very picky eater, and  for him to say that meant a lot to me.

Now the party is ready to start.  My guest have four Silk milks to taste. 

  • Silk Vanilla is a subtle touch of pure with a natural vanilla.  I used this to bake all my goodies.   
  • Silk Fruit and Protein Strawberry Banana offers a classic blend of creamy banana & refreshing strawberry. 
  • Silk Fruit and Protein Mixed Berry offers a tangy-sweet blend of blueberry, raspberry and more.
  • Silk Fruit and Protein Mango Peach offers an exotic blend of juicy mango, sweet peach and more

 Gram was surprised how good Silk Fruit and Protein tasted.  She could not believe there was only 1.5 grams of fat per 1 cup serving.  

 Marebear could not get enough of the Silk Fruit and Protein.  I had to have her pace herself or she would have drank the whole carton. 

 Little Man kept asking for "moe" Silk Fruit and Protein. He liked Silk Fruit and Protein more than his regular milk. Little Man is Lactose intolerant and has to drink Lactose-free milk. I was glad to find out Silk Fruit and Protein is Lactose-free and Dairy-Free, so he can drink as much Silk Fruit and Protein as he wants (and he did).  

 James is proof that real men do drink Silk Fruit and Protein.  With 5 grams of protein per 1 cup serving Silk Fruit and Protein give men the energy they need to get the job done. 


 Nancy uses Silk creamer in her coffee, so it was no surprise how tasty her Silk Fruit and Protein tasted. 

 Maura liked drinking Silk Fruit and Protein.  As as a nursing mother, she liked knowing it was safe for her to drink while nursing her baby. 

 If you wanted to know how teens feel about Silk Fruit and Protein; this teen said it tasted great.

 Lola enjoy trying  Silk Fruit and Protein for the first time.  She also liked knowing Silk Fruit and Protein had zero grams of  Trans fat.

Dave was surprised Silk Fruit and Protein tasted so good and was only 150 calories per 1 cup serving.

This was A's first taste of Silk Fruit and Protein and she liked it.  Can't you tell by her face?

It was so much fun having my friends over for a Silk® Marvelous Mornings House Party . I was going to have each guest tell me their favorite flavor and then let my reader know which flavor everyone thought was the best, but no one could pick a favorite. All the Silk Fruit and Protein flavors tasted so rich and creamy, we could not choose one. I suggest you try Silk and Protein yourself and see the difference it can make.     

For a $1 off coupon of Silk Fruit and Protein Click here (you do have to register with Silk in order to get the coupon)

Disclaimer: I did receive free Silk products for hosting a Silk® Marvelous Mornings House Party. I was also asked to share Silk Soy milk with my guest and give them coupons and other silk products. However, all opinions expressed are my own and were not swayed by receiving free products. Any information I provided was take from or off a Silk carton.