Thursday, April 26, 2012

Are you a serious griller?

Are you a serious griller? If you want to take you meats to the next level.  You can become a Grill Mate Facebook fan and get more involved in the Grillerhood.    You can check new grill mate recipes, to make your mouth water.  Also check out new grill mated products, like sauces and rubs.   Check out facebook Grillerhood for all thing grilled.

 Click here  to learn more about the Grillerhood.

As a member I crowdtap, I am asked to review products and social media sites.  I can use your help to rate this Facebook page.  It will only take a few seconds to check it out.

To enticed you even more after 5 people rate it, a donation will be make to Autism Speaks.
It’s one thing to be a passionate griller. But it’s a whole ‘nother thing taking that passion to the next level. Proclaim your love for all things grilled by joining the Grillerhood on Facebook and immersing yourself in the smoky deliciousness. Whether you “Like” us, download a sizzling ringtone, o…