Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Mommy to be" Baby shower

When a friend is pregnant it is a time of celebration.  What a fun way to celebrate a new life coming into this world than with a baby shower.  Baby showers are more than a way for new moms to fill up their nursey with baby gear.  Baby showers are a way for friends and family to get together and honor the mom-to-be and the blessing she is bring into this world.

For this baby shower  bought some plates, napkins and tablecloth in the "mom-to-be" theme.  This was not really her 1st baby, but we all like the theme and it worked well for what we were doing.

So now we have a theme, "Mom-to-be" or a pregnant mom with the butterfly as an accent.  We also choose our colors and used pink and purple with green as an accent color.

What would a baby shower be without refreshments?  We had sweet and salty snacks to choose from.  


I tried to find the right center piece, but you know the old saying if you want something done right, then you do it yourself.  Well, that is what I did, I made my own centerpiece.  Again I used the cricut to cut out all the shapes.  
The baby's name is going to start with the letter "C" so for some of the decorations, I used a block letter "c".  I also used the butterfly in the theme design to add a little accent.

There is a photo of the mom-to-be's chair with balloons and one of the hand made decoration on the right.

This is one of the decorations I made with my cricut.  I used a 12x12 peace of card stock for my base.

This is another one of the decorations I made with my cricut.  I used this stencil of the "pregnant lady" over and over again in my decorating.  I also gave these pages to the mom-to-be to use in her scrapbook. 

Here is another photo of the some of the decorations. 

This photo shows butterflies with colorful tinsel hanging down.  Bellow on the counter you can see the favors I made for the guest and the "Mom-to-be" crown I made also.
This is the mom-to-be wearing the beautiful "mom-to-be" crown I made for her.


The cakes were two butterfly, a mommy and a baby.  I did not make the cakes, a friends husband like to make cakes and he is the one.  It was Italian Cream, the mom-to-be's favorite and it tasted delicious. 

The Baby Blessing

One of the things we like do at the baby shower is to have a "blessings table".  This is where friends and family can write a blessing for the mom and baby.   I had set out a bible and some pre-cut card stock paper for guest to write on.

I also made a box to keep the pens.  Using my cricut I made a pink bag and added a pregnant lady decal to  the front.

If you have any question about how I made any of the items used at this baby shower, please leave me a comment and I will be more than happy to let you know.