Saturday, April 16, 2011

Little Man's room is to hot!

Sorry I have not posted in a few day.  Here is what has been going on:

Little Man 's room was so hot that we were waking up in a sweat after he was done nursing.  I also did not sleep as well because I was so hot.  We moved him back in our room in the port-a-crib.  Our room as a ceiling fan and is much cooler than Little Man's room.  I told my Hubie that we can move him back when we get a fan for his room. He has been sleeping for 3 hours at a time now.  That is one extra hour for me!
He still wake up during the night and most of the time he is still asleep when he is crying.  The other day I saw that his eyes were shut so I tried to wait out the crying, but it was a if he was crying in his sleep.  My poor Little Man what could he be crying about in his sleep?