Monday, June 17, 2013

You might be the mom of a Special needs child if...

  This is just a fun and harmless way to vent some of the frustrations I go though have a daughter with special needs.  I adore my daughter and would not change her for the world.  We believe she is a blessing from God and we thank God everyday for her talents.    This is in no way meant to harm or insult anyone.  This is a adaptation of Jeff Foxworth's comedy skit "You might be a red neck if..."  I hope you enjoy reading and it bring a smile to your face!

You might be the mom of a Special needs child if...

You have a hospital bag ready and you are not pregnant.

You have your child's doctors on speed dial.

You have more medical contacts in your phone than friends. LOL

Instead of driving to soccer practice you drive to OT, PT and Speech and language.

Your bathroom looks like a pharmacy. (mine does)

You know more about your child's medical condition then their doctors do. (most of us do)

You know the route to the hospital by heart.

Most of your friends are nurses (and you are not a nurse.)

You use words like G-tube, IEP, and PRN.   (and people look at you like what does that mean)

You keep medical equipment in you purse.

You have every yelled a someone for parking in a handicap parking spot and not having a handicap place card.

If you every felt like no one understands what you are going through.

I am sure, if you are a parent of a special needs child you have felt at least one of these statement to be true.  Sometime it is nice to know you are not alone in your feelings.  Feel free to add your own "You might be the mom of a Special needs child if..." statement.