Friday, June 7, 2013

New must have product for moms: Crayon Bungee

Have you ever sat at a restaurant table with a 2 year old as his crayons rolled off the table onto the floor.  As he dove for the crayon you could not help but yell "No, the floor is filthy, just leave it."  Or maybe you wipes his hand and the crayon with a sanitize wipes.  Those days are over! 

The other day I tried this product, Crayon Bungee and it was just what I always needed for my kids.  What is a Crayone Bungee? It a new product from Flourish.  What does it do?  It keeps crayons from landing on the floor and easy for kids to reach.  It fits most regular sized crayon.   It is made out of non-toxic plastic so it is easy to wash.  The straps have the alphabet on them so your child can practice their ABCs too.   You can also loop it around a high chair, stroller, or anything you need. It is portable so you can bring it with you where ever you go!

To learn more about this product and others like it click here

Disclosure:  I am a independent consultant of Flourish