Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Keurig Vue House party,

I have been a member of the House Party community for some time now. I have attended some party and even hosted my own parties too.

House Party is where your friends and family come together in your home and through social networks to get exclusive access to products.  It is easy and fun, and you get to provide honest feedback to brands about their products.

Do you like Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and hot tea?  Right now, through March 27th you can apply to host a Keurig Vue house party.  Signing up is easy and fun  to do.  It is an simple as filing out a survey.

Click here to apply to host your own Keurig Vue  House party, I did.

Sometimes House Party ask you to answer polls or to leave a message to a question.  One of their question was to write a poem about or to Keurig Vue telling them how much you like it.  Below was my response.  

There once was a Keurig Vue so shiny and black.  I walked up to it, but it did not talk back.

It was coffee I wanted to wake up my head, but "what is this contraption," is what I had said.
There sat a coffee cup at its base,  right next to it was small little coffee capsules in a small little case.
I took out a capsule and placed right in,pushed a few buttons and then I was fin. 
The aroma of coffee filled the air, I took a sip and suddenly did not have a single care.
I left the store that day with a smile on my face, until I realized the Keurig Vue was not mine, Oh what a waste.

(I guess I was reading a little too much Dr. Seuss.)

 I will not find out until March 27th if I was accepted to host a Keurig Vue Party or not.  I will keep you posted and let you know either way.

Do you have a Keurig Vue?  What do you think about it?  How has it changed the way you do coffee?

UPDATE:  I was not chosen to host a Keurig Vue House party.  :'(