Saturday, March 17, 2012

Camping with Girl Scouts

A few weekends ago the Girl Scout in my daughter's troop went camping.  It was a Mother/Daughter camp out for the brownies.  For my brownie troop it was the first time they had gone camping.  Our troop is a multi-level troop so we have girls from 2nd grade (brownies) to 8th grade (Caddets).  Having a multi-level troop can be challenging , but when it come to camping it was nothing but fun.

  The Girl Scouts of Central Texas have many different camping facilities for local Girl Scout to use and we took advantage of it and reserved a cabin.  The cabin was rustic, but it was good for the girls to get used to the great outdoors.

This is a photo of Marebear sharing s'mores the brownie's made with Grams.

Here are the Caddets showing off their skit to the rest of the troop.  They worked hard on their skit and it was funny.

These are the Juniors acting out their skit.  The skit had me reading a story while they acted out different parts.  It is hard for me not to laugh while I was reading, they were so good.

The Brownies sang the brownie song, and they were so cute.  Mare Bear like walking around the cabin and hanging out with her friends.

Before we all went home,  I handed each girl a reusable Girl Scout bag I bought at H.E.B grocery store.  I wanted to remind the girls to stay Green.  We took a group photo of all of us.  I cropped out the other girls (for safety purposes).