Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our Mare Bear: Seizure and Hospital stay

If you wonder why I have not be blogging, it is because our Little Mare Bear had a seizure at school lasting more than 15 minuets and was rushed to Dell Children's Hospital in an ambulance.  Here are the events at they happened to our family.

Thursday March 8th 3:16pm: Mare Bear is at dell children's hospital. She was rushed here in an ambulance from school after she had multiple seizures and we could not stop them.

Thursday March 8th 8:06pm: Mare Bear was admitted to the hospital and had a room in the seizure unit.  That was until she had more multiple seizures and even stopped breathing(they had to bag her to get her to start breathing again).  Now we are being moved to IMC (intermediate care unit).  They want to keep a closer look at her and her seizures.  This is the first time she has ever stopped breathing during a seizure.  PLEASE PRAY!

Thursday March 8th 11:16pm:They put the leads of her EEG on and she is going to be watched through a video system. Now we are going to try to go to bed. She seems to be doing better. I will Let you know soon.

Friday March 9th 4:01pm: M just had a few more cluster seizures and breathing problems. Then she went back to sleep.

Friday March 9th 5:39am:  M had at least 10 seizures so far and they have put her back on oxygen (she stops breathing for a little bit during the seizures, but at least she starts breathing again on her own.) PS: I could use some sleep!!!!

Friday March 9th 10:38am:M has been seizure free since 4am. She is now sleeping off the mass amounts of meds they have given her to stop the seizures. Now we are just waiting to see if any more will return. 

Friday March 9th 2:01pm:M is still sleeping off the meds. No seizure so far. They do want to keep her in the hospital until she is awake and seizure free. Looks like we will be staying the night.

Friday March 9th 8:22am: Nothing has changed. No seizures so far, she is still sleeping off the meds. I pray she doesn't wake up at 12am and think its time to be up and awake. It would be nice if she slept all night and woke up in morning.

Saturday March 10th 6:43am: Last night they up her dose of seizure meds and she slept through the night (she is snoring right now). She still has not woken up, but smiled last a few time when dad and quinn came to visit. At 11am I am going to switch with my hubby for a few hours.  I still do not know when she can go home. Thanks for all the prayers and keep them coming!

Saturday March 10th 11:04am:  We are a little worried she has not woke up yet. They are going to run some blood work and some other test. It looks like we will be here for at least one more day. 

Saturday March 10th 11:04am: she is awake and a little bit alert. She is groggy and tired, but at least no seizures. If she doesn't have any more seizures, becomes more alert, and her labs come back good; then we should be able to go home tomorrow. YEA!

Sunday March 11th 12:04pm:Update on Marion: labs came back fine. Last night they took her off oxygen and hooked her up to her feeding pump (first time she had any food). She is still sleepy, but took two bits of a cinnamon roll and a few sips of sweet tea. We are waiting for the doctor to come by and released  her

Sunday March 11th 2:18pm:  We have been discharged. We are on our way home. There will still be some more recovering going on, but at least we are home in our own house and beds.  YEA?