Tuesday, November 5, 2013

One girls determination to join her AHG campout

This last weekend our American Heritage Girls Troop when camping.  I know we live in Texas, but it was cold here too.  It was much to cold for Marebear to camp (she cannot regulate her body temperature).

  When you have a special need child, it can be easy to just say never mind and not do anything.  We have had to cancel our plans many times because we know it is to much for her.  Her seizures have been controlling our lives more and more lately, and when she had a seizure on Thursday we knew we could not be able to camp overnight.

  We decided this time we would not let her living with Rett syndrome, stop her from experiencing all that girls her age experience. Don't get me wrong we did have to readjust our plans (her health come first).  

We decided to go to the camp site for half the day.  Most of the girls in her troop had already earned their "outdoor cooking" badge.  We could have said "oh well, just forget it." but we didn't, we stopped by the groceries store and bought her all the items she needed to make turkey chili, and a pumpkin desert.  
At the camp site her dad (an Eagle Scout) helped her learn all she need to earn her badge.  She did as much of the badge by herself that she could could.  She was so proud of herself, and we were so proud of her! Her Chili was delicious and her pumpkin desert was mouth watering.  She shared it with all her American Heritage Girls friends, and they were amazed at her cooking skills.

These American Heritage Girls love Marebear for who she is, not what they want her to be. They know a friendship with her will look a little different than a traditional friendship, but with a little guidance (from me) they learned a friendship with her is just as reward for them as it is for her!

I know having a child with special needs can be draining and exhausting, but try to make the effort to be around people that support you and your child for what they can do and not for what they cannot!