Friday, November 15, 2013

Differently-abled children can Sail with Sailing Angels Foundation

Have you ever wanted to sail?  I know I have.  Since Marebear was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome I thought that sailing was no longer an option for our family.  That was until I came across Sailing Angels Foundation.  What is Sailing Angels?   Sailing Angels Foundation is a non-profit organization that introduces family of special needs children to the joy of sailing.

Did you know that sailing provides a unique nautical "hydro-therapy" experience to people with special needs? It gives them them an explosion of sensory input.  Think about how calm and soothing the ocean feels when you are in a boat.  You can smell and taste the salty water of the sea.  You can hear the waves as they crash into the boat.   As the boat rocks their spatial awareness become more in tune. This past weekend, this is what my daughter was able to experience, thanks to Sailing Angles Foundation.

We drove  to Kemah, Texas, a beautiful quaint seaside towns like one out of a book or movie.  The town was so clean and the people were friendly.  Even the public restrooms were clean (now that is saying something).

We met Captain Dave and he introduced us to the boat and reviewed safety rules.  He and his crew welcomed us with open arms.  They helped us transfer Marebear to the ship.  She was so excited and I wanted her to get the most out of this once in a life time experience so I took her to the bow.  There we were able sit, and see the the ocean all the way to the horizon.  As we headed out to the open water in Galveston bay, we saw cruise ships and cargo ships. We watch pelican dive in the ocean for fish.  Marebear kept trying to close her eyes, but was so afraid she was going to miss something, she never fell asleep.

After an hour of holding her on the bow of the ship, we headed to the stern for some more comfortable seats.  Both Marebear and Little Man took turns steering the ship.  Marebear keep patting Captain Dave (that means she likes him). He would ask her question and let her try anything she wanted ( as long as it was safe). My Oldest also enjoyed the experience of sailing for the first time. The crew helped us transfer her around the ship as she and my boys were able to receive the full experience!

The best quote of the day was from my husband:
"My daughter may never be able to drive a car, but she steered a boat!" 
I still cannot believe our family went sailing  This is one experience we will never forget.

Check out Sailing Angels Foundation on Facebook

Check out Sailing Angels Foundation

 Sailing Angels Foundation provides opportunity for family of special needs children to go sailing at no cost to the families, but it is expensive to provide this service   If you would like to make a donation to this wonderful organization to help a special needs child experience sailing click here .

Disclosure:  We were not asked to write a blog post by Sailing Angles.  I wrote this post because of our own persona experience and love for Sailing Angels Foundation!