Monday, July 15, 2013

Top 5 Reasons to Become a Purex Insider

If you have read or followed my blog, I am sure you know I host many giveaway.  How do I get all of these amazing products to giveaway to you?  It is easier then you think.  I am a Purex Insider.   So what is a Purex Insider and how do you become one?  First let me answer the question why you should become a Purex Insider?

Top 5 Resons why you should become a Purex Insider:

1. Try New Products - you get the chance to test new and improved products before the general public.

2. Exclusive Offers - You get to know about exclusive special promotions, coupons and much more.  

3. Interact with Big Brands -  Bands will listen to you and your readers feedback  when it come to making decision about their brand.  You can make a real impact on new and upcoming products or help make good existing products even better! 

4. Connect with Other Bloggers - you will get an exclusive chance to interact with top bloggers as well as join an exclusive community. 

5. Host Giveaway -  you get a chance to bless your readers with the knowledge of useful products and their features as well as give your readers a chance for free products!

Some of the products I have given away as a Purex Inisder

Now for the second question, how do you become a Purex Insider?  Really all you have to do is apply to the Purex Insiders program and become accepted, but you may want to what the Purex Insider program is looking for in a blogger ( yes, you need to be a blogger).  You do not have to have a large following or a certain number of unique views.  Purex insider are blogger with family friendly content on their blog, and a blog that is accurate, honest and trustworthy.

To become a Purex Insider your Blog will need all of the following:
  • a focus on savings, product reviews and giveaways
  • Someone who enjoy using social media and is willing to post links to their giveaways on social media.
  •  family friendly content
Now what are you waiting for Apply Here to be a Purex insider . I cannot wait for you to join the Purex community with me.      
Disclosed:  I received this information from Purex Insider.