Saturday, July 27, 2013

The New Hot Spot in Austin: Cafe Mueller

We joined Austinites as they celebrated the opening of the new H-E-B at Mueller.  What makes this grocery store special is H-E-B at Mueller is the greenest H-E-B store built to date.  In addition H-E-B at Mueller's, Cafe Mueller is the first restaurant in a H-E-B store built to date as of now.  Cafe Mueller is located inside the H-E-B Mueller however you can access the cafe without going into the store via the patio. It is open daily from 10am to 10pm.  You can place your order either inside HEB at the Cafe Mueller counter or outside on the patio at the bar. 

Cafe Mueller offers many different styles of food from wood-smoked brisket and ribs to Asian style rice bowls.  They also offer pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, soup and salads.  They even have a selection of desserts from their in store scratch bakery.  I was also told they have a new line of Gluten-free pizzas crust and bread options.  What most people are really excited about is their selection of international and Texas wines by the glass or the bottle and draft beers. Cafe Mueller is a quick style eatery that offers both indoors and outdoor seating.  

On the patio outside is a bar that offers beer and wine, on the weekend you can hear live music.  The full-service menu has many affordable prices. 

You order is delivered to you at your table by a friendly H-E-B partner.  Our meal was delivered to us in 5 minutes.

 My Little Man really enjoyed his kids meal.  He chose the spaghetti with meatball (price $3) with a side of grapes ( he had a choice between grapes, yogurt and chips).  As a mom, I was excited to have healthy side choices for my Little Man.   As you can see the kids meals have a very generous helping (great for another meal). (drink not included in price).

My Oldest tried the 8' BBQ Chicken and Smoked Gouda pizza (it also come in a 12").  The pizza is topped with smoked chicken, smoked gouda, red onion, parsley and H-E-B Kansas City BBQ sauce(cost $7). He liked it so much he ate the whole thing.     

 I decided to try the Tamarind Lime Mixed Vegetables Asian Bowl (I added chicken to it).  It was full of Shitake mushrooms, red peppers, edamame, onion, carrots and kale,in a delicious tamarind lime sauce.  It was way to much for lunch but, I did not let it go to waste. I took the rest home (cost $7.5). We also tried the BBQ ribs. They had a good kick to them and the meat fell off the bone. 

Click Here to see their menu. 

Next time you are in the Mueller area of Austin, Texas near 51st street and Brekman., head over to H-E-B and stop by the Cafe Mueller.  Try some of their delicious meals with a glass of your favorite beverage. Then grab a cart and do some grocery shopping.  It  is always best to go shopping on a full stomach!  First pull out your sell phone and take a self guided tour of the store using QR codes throughout the store.  Then you can check out their Healthy Living section which includes bulk food, spices and tea. Choose from fresh-ground nut butters, local honeys, and natural and organic beauty products.  Why not head over to the Wine Department stocked with imported and hard to find varieties where you can ask expert wine steward who can make recommendations and even make special orders. The H-E-B Mueller has so much to do and see because it is so much more then a grocery store!