Saturday, May 25, 2013

Flourish, empowering moms one product at a time

As the mom of a child that is "differently abled".  I am always looking for products and companies that goal is to help children of all abilities to become more independent.  like most moms I want (all) my children to be as independent as possible.  When I do find products that help facilitate their independence I get so excited I want to tell the world.  

World have you hear about Flourish?

It is a revolutionary new company about moms supporting moms in business.   Flourish takes products invented my mommy entrepreneurs and puts them in the hands of consumers like you.  They are cutting edge products moms have invented to come up with solutions to everyday problems.  That is what we do as mom, we see a problem and we come up with a solution for that problem.  Now you don't have to do all the dirty work, it has been done for you (yea). 

I will be sharing these products with you this month.  Each week I will feature at least one product I think moms would not want to be without.  But for those of you that cannot wait I will give you a little preview of some of my favorite Flourish products I have tried so far. 

These are the kinds of products you really need to see inaction to really understand their usefulness, so I will also be making some video too! 

To learn more about these product  click here

Disclosure:  I am a independent consultant of Flourish