Thursday, January 31, 2013

Infants' Advil® & Children's Advil®

Infants' Advil® and Children's Advil®

As many of you know my daughter had Rett syndrome and along with that come many different symptoms, some of which can be painful.  We are constantly trying to manage her pain.  I just recently switch to Children's Advil to help her better manage her pain, and so far it has worked the best for her. I think Children's Advil is the best to help reduce my children's  temperature and help them relieve pain too.  If you would like to try Children's Advil you can receive a $1.50 off coupon if you like Children's Advil Facebook page.  Remember to read all information on Children's Advil and consult you doctor before giving you or your child any medicine.

 Disclaimer: I received a free sample of Children's Advil courtesy of Smiley360.  Thanks you Children's Advil for my free sample.